Recording Arts Program

Recording Arts is the second of our three programs. It lasts approximately 16 months and includes the Beginning Audio Engineering Program. You will need a minimum of 20 hours per week (4 Hours of one-on-one course instruction, 2 hours for a class event, and 14 hours of studio project lab time).

Music Production & Recording Trivium Drums

The Recording Arts Program is approximately 16 months long and includes the Beginning Audio Engineering Program. The 8 months beyond Beginning Audio Engineering are designed to take you directly on a video and music production career path. Working in the video and music industries is very reputation oriented. Often it is difficult for beginning audio engineers and music producers, even if they are accomplished, to gain a foothold. If they aren't working then they aren't gaining a reputation and if they don't have a reputation as an audio engineer or music producer then they aren't getting work. The second 8 months are a direct answer to that problem. During the program you will be seeking out what will be potential clients, bringing them into the studio, and doing single full production songs with them. In the Advanced Program you will do as many as 10 music production projects like this (10 single songs with the intent to create a client). Through this process you will be learning how to find and interact with potential clients, how to build client relationships, and a refinement of the music production skills you started in the beginning program. In tandem to your music production projects you will be attending a weekly music business, beat composition, marketing and design, and Pro Tools lesson. The business and marketing lessons will cover everything from designing your own business card and website to understanding QuickBooks, music law, and video and music publishing. The beat composition lessons combine traditional songwriting techniques with the use of the most current beat production software. You will learn how to compose, arrange, and write charts on today's most powerful and exciting songwriting software. There are very few students that make it all the way through the Recording Arts Program that don't create at least a client or two. So, if you continue the path we start you on during the program, you will have a solid client base in the coming years.

Gainful Employment Info

Click the tabs below to see the many classes that make up the five course subjects of the 2nd half of the Recording Arts Program (The Beginning Audio Engineering Program is the 1st half).

Music and Video Business Development

Music and Video Business Development (MBD-201) is a 1 hour a week, one-on-one class. It is fundamentally a small business development course that is specifically designed with the music and video entrepreneur in mind. We are going to step through the process of starting an entire small music business for each student. Here is a breakdown some of the lessons:

Music Production Business Name

Business Name

Designing the best name on which to build your music business startup

Music Production Business Modeling

Business Modeling

Doing the math around how your business will be structured

Music Production Business Practices

Business Practices

The do's and dont's of good business with clients

Music Production Business Accounting QuickBooks


Basic accounting concepts, how to get around in Quick Books, and how to make a professional invoice

Get your music on iTunes

Digital Distribution

All of the different ways music is distributed today, and where it is headed tomorrow

Get your music on Pandora

Royalty/ Digital Release

Understanding the many ways songwriters make money from the use of there songs

Music Business Law

Music Law

Understanding how law interacts with the music industry, and some of the basic terminology embedded in standard contracts

Internet Marketing and Design

Internet Marketing and Design (IMD-201) is fundamentally a small business brand development course that is specifically designed with the audio engineer/music producer in mind. We are going to step through the process of creating and developing an entire brand from logo to website. Here is a breakdown of some of the lessons:

Music Business - Adobe Ilustrator Logo

Logo Design

Designing your logo

Music Business-Adobe InDesign-Business Card

Business Card

Designing and printing your business card

Music Production Business Website Design

Website Structure

Designing the look and feel for your website

Music Production Business Website Content

Website Content

Learning the HTML skills necessary to implement and update your content

Music Production Business Website-Audio Player

Players and Plugs

Integrating javascript and players to add polish and functionality to your site

Music Production Business Website-SEO


Learning the techniques to get great search results from search engines

Music Production Business-Social Media

Social Media

The art of connecting your website to a dynamic social media

Music Production Business-HTML Email

HTML E-mail

The ins and outs of designing an HTML e-mail to best show off your media

Advanced Pro Tools and Productions

Advanced Pro Tools (APT-201) takes the student's knowledge of Avid's (Digidesign's) Pro Tools to an expert level. Topics covered are elastic audio, film audio post production, and advanced stereo and surround mixing. All classroom discussions are reinforced with required lab work. Here is a breakdown of some of the lessons:

Music & Audio Production-Playlist View

Using Playlist View

How to listen and comp tracks using playlist view

Music & Audio Production-Elastic Audio

Elastic Audio

Understanding the many ways to use to manipulate time within an audio clip

Music & Audio Production-Time Correction

Time Straightening

How to take a performance with bad timing and make it one perfect tempo

Music & Audio Production-Melodyne

Advanced Melodyne

A deeper understanding of the process for tuning both monophonic and polyphonic instruments

Music & Audio Production-AutoTune

Advanced Auto-Tune

All the ins and outs of Auto-Tune

Music & Audio Production-Film Audio Post Production

Film Audio Post Production

Understanding how to record and place dialogue and sound effects for film and video

Music & Audio Production-Mixing

Advance Mixing

A deeper understanding of stereo and surround mixing concepts

Music & Audio Production-Mastering Concepts

Advanced Mastering

A deeper understanding of stereo and surround mastering concepts

Advanced Beat Production and Music Composition

Advanced Beat Production and Music Composition is designed to teach the student how to service a client from a songwriting and arranging point of view using MIDI in Pro Tools and Reason. Here is a breakdown some of the lessons:

Beat Music Production-Chart Writing

Midi Chart Writing

Creating written music for hired musicians whom you will be recording for your clients projects

Beat Music Production-Song Structure

Song Structure

Understanding how songs are traditionally put together and the energy flow from beginning to end

Beat Music Production-Arranging

Harmonizing & Arranging

Putting chords to a client's melody and lyrics, and an introduction to the art of arranging and beat production

Beat Music Production-Synths Samplers

Synths, Samplers & Bass

Learning the basic tools for MIDI triggered sounds and the function of the Bass in an arrangement

Beat Music Production-Chord Choice

Keys & Chord Choice

Adding harmonic layers to your compositions

Beat Music Production-Guitars & Effects

Guitars & Effects

Understanding the roles guitars can play and how effects can add interesting dimensions to your production

Beat Music Production-Voice Leading

Voice Leading & Strings

Adding drama with Strings and understanding how each instrument moves within a chord progression

Beat Music Production-Counterpoint

Counterpoint & Winds

Learning brass and woodwinds, and how different melodic elements call-and-respond to each other within a piece

Beat Music Production-Melody

Vocals & Melody

How to bring out the best, most inspired vocal performances and how vocal layering can enhance your production

Beat Music Production-Final P{roject

Final Project

Putting it all together with a potential client - creating an arrangement for a songwriter using MIDI in Pro Tools

Advanced Projects and Events

Advanced Projects (APE-201) is focused on the skill of developing client relationships. You will learn how to start your relationships with artists in a way as to set the foundation for a potential client. You will record, edit, mix and master as many as 10 single song projects, each with the intent of creating a client. Here is a breakdown some of the lessons:

Music Production-Artist Relations

Artist Relationship

The freely booked studio time and instructor support to record as many as 10 projects

Music Production-Tracking

Project Tracking

The freely booked studio time and instructor support to record as many as 10 projects

Music Production-Editing

Project Editing

The freely booked studio time and instructor support to edit all projects

Music Production-Overdubbing

Project Overdubbing

The freely booked studio time and instructor support to overdub tracks for all projects

Music Production-Audio Mixing

Project Mixing

The freely booked studio time and instructor support to mix all projects

Music Production-Audio Mastering

Project Mastering

The freely booked studio time and instructor support to master all projects